Do you offer custom word Count?
Yes! Send me your request and I will create a custom word order on your behalf.
What Experience do you have?
Been working as writer and editor for 7 years now. And 3 years on Fiverr as their top 3 writer.

Do you offer samples/demo of your work?
Sure I do upon request.

Do you accept critical time orders?
I have an inbuilt custom offer where I can send 1-15 hrs offers upon agreement.

Do you discount for bulk orders?
I offer discount on all orders irrespective of quantity.

Do you offer refund?
If I fail to deliver your job on time, I will offer a refund plus the completed task.

Is this service confidential?
Yes, 100%. I download your document, edit/proofread, return it to you and then delete it from my computer. I never share it with anyone else. If you have a non-disclosure agreement, I’d be happy to sign it.

Do you outsource work from already completed papers?
No, all papers are written from scratch. And on top of that I work with my 6 writers to make sure quality standards and accuracy are met.

Do you offer revisions?
Yes, unlimited revisions as long as they fall within the initial instructions.

Do you use grammar-correcting software, such as Grammarly?
No, I am a professional editor and have worked and trained in this field for 7 years now. (However, I do use spell check at the very end to catch any extra character spaces I may have missed!)

Why do I choose your services?
Simple, I love what I do, plus you will be hiring a competent team and professionals. Will put thought, time and effort into your project.

Do you edit websites?
I am always happy to edit a website. However, the content needs to be provided in one of the listed formats (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, etc.).